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Housekeeping Items for the CCIE Candidate Blog


A few housekeeping items related to the CCIE Candidate blog:

  1. The main URL has been updated from “” to “”. The site will still work just fine to “” for quite a while, but if you link to this blog, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to update your blogroll to the new URL. That’ll hose up the Google rankings for a while, but it should recover eventually.
  2. Calling all budding authors. You’ve noticed the great posts by Keith Tokash. If you have some quality content you’d like to share with the CCIE community, please unicast me with some URL examples of your writing. If I like what you’ve done, I can set you up as an author so that you can blog here. This is the most popular CCIE blog out there at the moment, at least until CCIE Pursuit’s awesome blog passes this one in the Google rankings. My point is that your voice will be heard, as there are a lot of readers here.
  3. I plan to transform the CCIE Candidate site from a blog focused on me to a site that is community-oriented. How this will come about, I’m not exactly sure yet, but that’s the direction I’m headed. My vision is for the site to become a central repository for candidates who are trying to achieve the CCIE certification independently. I really, really want some quality half- and full-scale labs made freely available to candidates. Practice labs are the single greatest tool in effectively preparing for the CCIE challenge.
  4. I am planning to move this site to a higher speed link within a month or so. The line this site hangs off of now needs more pipe than I can pump into my basement cost-effectively. I’ve chosen a virtual-server vendor, but I have a whole bunch of sites other than this one that I care for and feed. Moving to a new hosting platform is going to be painful for me, but it has to be done.
  5. Finally, thanks for all the traffic I’ve seen over the last few days since my success in RTP. Over the last 3 days, has seen roughly 30K hits, around twice the normal volume. You guys blew the ceiling out of my web stats…awesome. :)

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  • Hehehe,

    We are as regular as ever,

    It’s only your number that has resulted in those traffic stats!!!

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