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IEWB Vol.3 Lab 7 Complete


No detailed tech breakdowns on this half-lab. The lab contained a complex OSPF topology, but the rest of the lab was easy. Or at least, it was easy for me. Maybe that means I’m getting IE’s approach a little better now.

I am learning to trust myself when troubleshooting a problem. Different people have told me over the months that passing the lab is, oftentimes, all about the basics – that the lab exam has a lot of fundamentals, and focusing on minutia is a mistake. While I still argue that it’s hard to tell the difference between fundamentals and minutia a lot of times, I understand the point that people are making.

I’m getting better about fundamentals vs. minutia. When I run into a troubleshooting issue, I am going back to the basics, and that’s working for me. Case in point, OSPF wasn’t coming up on an ip unnumbered PPP link. I fixed the problem quickly, looking for basic problems. I had simply applied my “ip ospf xx area yy” statement to the wrong serial interface. I’m breaking the bogus mindset of “there must be some special feature I don’t know about.” When I trust my instincts and troubleshoot the problem layers 1 – 2 – 3 in order, life is good most of the time.

I’m going to set up for IEWB Vol.3 Lab 8 in a bit and hammer that out over the next couple of days. I am doing IE graded mock lab #5 on Saturday. Next week I am taking as vacation so that I can do full-scale labs, focusing on IE labs 7 through 11 as a final review before my 4/29 lab date. I won’t be blogging much next week, if at all. Probably a little – we’ll see; certainly not a priority! Turgon told me to disappear in a comment on another post, and he’s right. That’s what I need to do.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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