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I asked a couple of CCIE-related questions that Maurilio Gorito answered on this Cisco NetPro forum thread.

Q: Maurilio, is IPv6 BGP covered in the routing and switching lab exam? IPv6 BGP is not mentioned on the lab blueprint, whereas OSPFv3 and RIPng are. However, some of the CCIE prep vendors cover IPv6 BGP in their workbooks. Can you bring clarity to this murky area?

A: Hi Ethan, no, we don’t cover IPv6 BGP in our exams yet. You are correct to assume that if a topic or content is not listed on the blueprint it is not tested in the exam. If we will start covering we will add it to the blueprint.

When comes to preparation and training I think it is not a bad idea if you see a topic that is not in the blueprint yet because helps you to building a foundation on the overall topic. So, I don’t see problem you seeing IPv6 BGP on training courses even though this is not being tested in the lab exam.

Q: Maurilio, sites pop up from time to time claiming to sell actual CCIE labs. This is naturally a concern to any serious CCIE candidate who’s worked hard to prepare for the lab exam.

What steps is Cisco taking to keep “real labs” off the market?

A: Hi Ethan, we to watch close all this sites and individuals that break the NDA policy. This is a major concern and a high priority for the CCIE program.

We receive feedback from many sources about it. If you see anything suspicious and what us to investigate and take action please send a note to We have a dedicated team for this type of issues.

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

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