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Request For Comments – Your Favorite 5 IEWB Vol.2 Labs

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I know that many of you are working on (or perhaps completed) the 4.1 Volume 2 full-scale practice labs. Would you mind recommending your favorite 5 that are of average difficulty? I’m planning to do them during the week of April 21, which I’ve taken as a vacation week. I might not get all 5 in, but I’m going to try to do 1 a day for 5 days straight, then take a breather for 2 days before I go take the lab.

I’ve never done the IEWB vol.2 labs (I did all 25 of the DOiT’s instead), but I do own all of the IEWB material. Narbik Kocharians’ recommendation to me was to work some other vendor’s labs, just to get their take on things. I’m all cabled up for IE, and I’m doing volume 3 now. I should be done with IEWB volume 3 by April 21 if I stay on schedule (not always an easy thing to do).

Comment here in the blog if you can, or unicast me if you’d prefer. TIA!

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