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Bought The Plane Tickets – I’m Going To RTP

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There’s no backing out now. I reserved the plane tickets, hotel, and car for the trip to RTP. I’ll get into Durham, NC before noon on 4/28. From there, I can check out the Cisco campus, and make sure I know where the lab building is. Cisco describes the RTP lab location as follows:

Cisco Systems
7025 -3 Kit Creek Road
Building 3 ( Lake Building – 3rd building on the left )
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

So I get there early on 4/28, my lab is 4/29, and I’ll fly back north on 4/30. No rushing on either end.

Am I ready? Yes, as ready as I can be. There is no specific technology that scares me or that I’m hoping I don’t get on the exam. I’m going to keep doing practice labs and at least a couple of mock labs between now and then. I have IE mock lab #6 scheduled for this Saturday. I think I’m going to buy another IE mock as well. And I’m committed to doing all of the IEWB v4.1 volume 3 labs.

Will I pass? I have as good shot as anyone, but we’ll see. I need to work out the nervousness that I’m feeling. That’s not going to help me, and I’m already stressing out. Somehow, booking the flight has made this all very real. I’m not walking in there intending to give Cisco a $1,400 donation, I can tell you that much. But I’m as vulnerable to getting tripped up as anyone else.

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