CCIE Routing and Switching Labs Open on the Weekends

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From the March 2008 Cisco Technical Services News e-mail:

CCIE Routing and Switching Labs Open on the Weekends
Registration is open for weekend Routing and Switching labs until May 1, 2008. Take advantage of this opportunity to take your lab now. View open appointments now, as new weekends are added frequently.

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  2. markman

    I don’t know how long you’ve had the router favicon, but its great… woo hoo!

  3. markman

    I went in to the CCIE lab scheduler site and looked at available R&S dates at RTP and I don’t see any weekend dates open. Of course, perhaps they’re taken already!?! What location was this news pertaining to?? I don’t receive this Cisco Technical Services News email…

  4. Ethan Banks

    What I posted is all I got in the newsletter. They weren’t too forthcoming with the details. There was a “more” URL link in the newsletter, but that just links you over to the scheduler.

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