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Cabled For IEWB Volume 3


I spent my lunch hour and about a half-hour past when I was supposed to leave re-cabling my rack for the 4.1 Volume 3 workbook.  This is the third re-cable I’ve done since starting prep.  Compared to the other 2 ( DOiT Volume 2 and Narbik Kocharians’ Advanced Lab Workbooks), IE uses more interconnections.  I am OUT of DCE/DTE cables and V.35 serial interfaces.  OUT.  I had 6 (SIX!) spare DCE/DTE pairs before cabling today.  Maybe for my next CCIE I’ll get a hold of some RJ-45 terminated T1 WICs instead of the V.35 interfaces.  Hey – I went with what I could scrounge.  ;)  IE is also a little nuts with the switch interlinks – there are 18 of them.

I didn’t get in actual rack time to do a lab, but at least I proved out my cabling.  I turned up HDLC links for all the router-to-router serial stuff.  I verified that all the serials attached to my frame-relay switch were seeing DLCI’s.  I verified with CDP all of the ethernet uplinks between the routers and switches.  So I’m happy with that.  I should be able to get some rack time in tomorrow, now that I’m all cabled up.  Worst case, I have to tweak the FRS config some more, but I think it should be correct unless I botched the interface numbering.

I did get a teeny bit of IOS time in tonight.  I tweaked the QoS on my personal router that I uses as a firewall.  Tonight, I was playing with DSCP values and WRED, tagging different classes of traffic as it leaves my network, then watching what DSCP-based WRED does as the tagged conversations go by.  I also set up SNMP so that I could do some historical graphing of bandwidth utilization and CPU.  I am working the router a little hard with all the stuff I’ve turned on, so I thought I should keep a closer eye on it.


  • I had IE’s all done in my lab and then had to rewire to Narbiks. I did IE’s on Friday morning. Talked to Narbik that afternoon early then recalled to his topology that day before I went home…and kept it neat.

    I feel your pain but keep up the good work!

  • Rewiring is very painful process but it is require in order to get exposed to different workbooks/approach…I am using IE material and Narbiks as well….btw yesterday I got one mock’s COD from IE and it is very interesting the way how the entire lab is done…I hope that Narbiks finished his Mock’s Labs in order to get exposed to it asap and I know that they will be great as all his materials….I am sticking to Narbiks aproach/material….and then using IE on the side….when times permit…

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