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Heading Back to Narbik’s Bootcamp


Tomorrow, I’m heading out to Pasadena, CA again for another week with Narbik Kocharians.  This is a repeat of the bootcamp I attended in February.  I did not meet my goal of completing all of Narbik’s advanced lab workbooks before returning.  I got about half-way through what I had left.  I still have all of volume 5 to go.  I should have Vol.5 knocked out before I pillow my little head on Monday night.

I think I’ll be more productive in the classroom this time around.  One of the challenges I had in the last bootcamp was being distracted by side conversations.  This time around, I’m planning to sit in the back and hide behind headphones when lab times come up.  That’ll make sure I’m not sidetracked by chatter.  I know at work, using headphones is an effective strategy for drowning out office noise.  It should work at bootcamp, too.

Why am I going back a second time?  One reason is that Narbik’s retakes are free.  I’ll spend roughly $1,000 for travel and lodging, but that’s about it.   Another reason is that I desperately need more focused, purposeful rack time.  I should have 40+ more hours in by the time I fly back home.

I don’t know that I’ll blog as much this time around.  If I have the cycles and something worth mentioning, sure – I’ll post an article or two.  But I think I said most of what there was to say the first time around.  This week, it’s all about focusing on the prize.  My lab date is 4/29 in RTP – I’m trying to give myself the best chance possible as passing the first time out.


  • Sorry for the noise. Have a good time at Narbik’s. You should get a lot out of it after having a chance to work on the workbooks and class lectures. Good luck!


  • You are the Man…good luck…..brainstorm Narbik as much as you can….and I am sure that this time every thing will make more sense….gime my regards to mr. Narbik….btw enquire him about the mocks labs that he is working on…. and again Good Luck!!

  • I went to bed after I bailed last night. Got up at 5:30a – ready to dive back into labs for a while before heading back across the street. I’d rather get up early than stay up late. I’m such an old man. :)

  • Keep it up buddy – good to see you are making good progress. Say “Hi” to Narbik.



  • Great to hear that you moving on…last week for me was crazy at work with a new ipt deployment for two remote sites….this week I am back again with Narbik’s labs…. How is N’s grandmother, still working on her next CCIE…

    So long….

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