I Registered CCIECandidate.com + Thoughts About This Site Post-Digits


In the “I doubt anyone cares but I’ll mention it anyway” department…

I registered cciecandidate.com today.  The CCIE Candidate blog still lives at ethanbanks.net, even if you hit cciecandidate.com; there’s no changes to bookmarks required.  Register.com had a price I couldn’t pass up – free for a year, so why not.

Part of the reason I grabbed the domain is because I hope to do something with this site more than the blog once I have my digits.  I keep going back to the “open-source CCIE” idea in my mind.  People could submit mini-labs and even full-scale labs that would be subject to peer review.  Open-source CCIE audio lectures.  The idea is to provide quality study materials that would help a candidate on a tight budget make real progress towards passing the lab.

I’d like to do a CCIE candidate wiki as well, as I can’t find a good one.  (If you know of a good CCIE wiki, let me know.)  The idea behind the wiki is to create the main headings based on the Cisco blueprint, and then create sub-topics under the main blueprint headings that would contain a technology overview article, an IOS command references article, and then some kind of “real world” command output article that shows the command in action.  Arguably, a CCIE wiki is not needed, since cisco.com and the Doc CD has much of what I’m talking about.  I guess it’s more an issue of targetted organization.  I’d like to be able to pop open a blueprint heading in a wiki, get an idea of the tech, wrap my brain around the commands I need to care about, and then see some command output that I could use as a starting point for my own lab work.  A wiki organized in such a way would help bring focus to a blueprint study topic.  It would also help divide big topics (like BGP or QoS) into bite-size chunks.

I have ideas, whatever they might be worth.  I’m not sure where they are going to go yet.  This blog sees around 100K raw hits a month now, which translates to around 800 “visits” a day on the average.  When I post a new article, there tends (naturally) to be more traffic for a given day, what with all the readers banging on the RSS feed.

I’m open to ideas, I guess.  I know I want to keep the site going after I get my digits, but I know I have to do something other than just blogging.  Once I’m an IE, I won’t have as much to blog about!  :-)  Ideas of what else you might like to see on this site are, of course, welcome via comment or unicast.  Keeping it technical is my greatest concern.

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By Ethan Banks

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