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Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 2 Comments


On day 2, Narbik lectured on RIPv2 and EIGRP.  For lab work, we covered RIPv2 and also began IPv6.  The IPv6 labs were lengthy – about 150 pages, much devoted to RIPng.  I have never done a RIPng lab that was so intense before.  There were 10 routers RIPpin’, all kinds of mutual redistribution between RIPng processes, summarization, split horizon, and other features being used.  I didn’t get to the OSPFv3 and IPv6 tunneling labs, and I don’t think anyone else did either.  It’s worth mentioning that there is no BGP for IPv6 on the CCIE lab, according to Narbik.  I had been wondering about that, since the NMC DOiT labs cover BGP for IPv6 quite a bit (and it makes for annoying syntax when you have IPv4 BGP on the same router).  Not having to worry about IPv6 BGP is nice.

The EIGRP lecture was at the tail end of the day, and I was pretty wiped out by the time Narbik was done.  So I opted to go out and get a burger, crash, and get up early to work on the EIGRP labs…which is what I’m going to do as soon as I post this.

Below are some quick notes I jotted down of some commands/concepts I wanted to review in more detail.  I’ll go back to this post later and flesh these ideas out.

  • ip route null0
    ip route null0
    redistribute static
    This will allow RIP to advertise a “summary” route, plus another route inside that summary.
  • distribute-list prefix XYZ gateway XY in S0/0
    “gateway” matches on whoever the updates are coming from. Not documented. XYZ and XY are prefix lists in this cast.

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  • That’s interesting about the undocumented distribute-list prefix XYZ gateway XY in S0/0. It isn’t documented, but it is in the parser prompts in my routers in 12.4(2)T.

    Keep up the postings – they are really interesting. Thanks.

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