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Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 1 Comments


The bootcamp format is straightforward. Narbik lectures in a somewhat open format, where you can ask questions and get a dialog going. He does not use Powerpoint or a projector. He’s all whiteboard. He will diagram and write command sequences on the board in real time, talking through everything while he goes. Narbik moves fast, and he’s very concise with his words. You have to stay right with him, mentally focused. If you drift away for a couple of minutes, you could miss something important.

When Narbik is done lecturing on a topic, there are a lot of labs to work through. A whole lot. I spent at least 8 hours on a rack yesterday, maybe more. Narbik gave us at least 6 different spiral bound volumes of lab material, with tasks and tasks and tasks that he asks you to do, then shows you how to, explaining with verification output how do accomplish the task.

The schedule is 9am to 9pm, but 9pm is just when you leave the classroom. We all brought our own laptops, so we could bring them back to the hotel room and do more lab work. (The rack is accessible via the Internet.) I was jet-lagged yesterday, so I only did about an hour of lab before I dropped off last night. I’m hoping to stay more focused today.

I’ve listed some commands I picked up on yesterday that I need to document. Many of these I was at least a little bit familiar with, but there was something about them that Narbik brought to my attention. There are a lot more I could have written down, but didn’t for whatever reason. I’ll try to get these hyperlinked and commented later. I have to go do some lab work right now before heading back up to the classroom, though.

  • vtp interface Loopback1 ONLY
  • switchport priority extend cos 1
  • switchport block unicast|multicast
  • show spanning-tree bridge
  • no service password-recovery
  • mac-address-table static xxxx.xxxx.xxxx vlan x drop
  • default interface
  • no service timestamps debug up
  • no logging event power-inline-status
  • alias configure
  • ip verify source port-security
  • snmp-server host xx.xx.xx.xx traps version 2C comm bgp
  • show lacp xx internal
  • no peer neighbor route
  • clear access-list counters

FYI, I am staying at the Pasadena Comfort Inn, like most of the attendees. I’ll comment on it more later, but the short version is that I have no complaints. So if you want to stay there, go for it. It’s within easy walking distance of the classroom.

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