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10 Words Or Less – EIGRP


IOS 12.4 EIGRP Commands

auto-summary (EIGRP) – auto-summarize networks on classful boundaries

clear ip eigrp neighbors – deletes neighbor adjacency and removes routes learned from neighbor

default-information – accept quad-zero routes inbound or advertise quad-zero outbound

default-metric (EIGRP) – sets bandwidth, delay, reliability, loading, and mtu for redistributed routes

distance eigrp – sets internal and external administrative distance for EIGRP routes

eigrp log-neighbor-changes – enable or disable logging of EIGRP neighbor adjacency changes

eigrp log-neighbor-warnings – enable or disable logging of neighbor warnings; set warning interval

eigrp router-id – override auto-selected RID of highest loopback IP

eigrp stub – create a non-transit EIGRP router

ip authentication key-chain eigrp – define key-chain used for EIGRP interface packet authentication

ip authentication mode eigrp – enable MD5 authentication for EIGRP interface packets

ip bandwidth-percent eigrp – throttle EIGRP to a specific percentage of configured interface bandwidth

ip hello-interval eigrp – hello interval per interface; < T1 default = 60 seconds, others = 5

ip hold-time eigrp – hold time per interface; < T1 default = 180 seconds, others = 15

ip next-hop-self eigrp – advertise routes with itself as next-hop, or leave next-hop unchanged

ip split-horizon eigrp – enable or disable interface split-horizon for an EIGRP process

ip summary-address eigrp – summarize smaller routes on an interface and set administrative distance

metric holddown – prevents new routing information from being used for a time

metric maximum-hops – change maximum hop count from default of 100

metric weights (EIGRP) – tweak weight of ToS & the 5 K-values

neighbor (EIGRP) – unicast EIGRP messages to specific IP addresses

neighbor maximum-prefix (EIGRP) – limit the number of prefixes accepted from a neighbor

network (EIGRP) – EIGRP will speak out matching interfaces

offset-list (EIGRP) – increase the metric of specific inbound and/or outbound routes

redistribute maximum-prefix (EIGRP) – limit prefixes learned through redistribution

router eigrp – initiate an EIGRP routing process

set metric (EIGRP) – set bandwidth, delay, reliability, loading, and MTU in a route-map

show ip eigrp accounting – display accounting and statistical information for EIGRP prefixes

show ip eigrp interfaces – display information about router interfaces configured for EIGRP

show ip eigrp neighbors – display EIGRP neighbors and related statistical information

show ip eigrp topology – display EIGRP topology, including successors and feasible successors

show ip eigrp traffic – display the number of EIGRP packets sent and received

timers active-time – how long to wait after query before route is stuck-in-active

timers nsf route-hold – how long NSF router will hold routes for inactive peer

traffic-share balanced – forward across unequal-cost paths as if they were equal-cost

variance (EIGRP) – allow cost-proportionate forwarding across unequal-cost paths

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