Ethan Banks On productivity. $99 Graded Mock Lab January 2008 Special


IE is running another $99 graded mock lab special through the end of January 2008.  The regular price is $249.  Note that if you buy a mock lab, what you really buy are “99 tokens” that sit in your IE account.  You need 99 tokens in your account to schedule a mock lab.  The point is that you can buy the tokens now, and schedule your mock lab later.  You don’t have to do the mock lab in January just because that’s when the special is running.

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  • Dear Ethan

    thanks for the hint, I think I will try it, too!
    BTW I am a regular reader of your blog and I am learning (and sometimes suffering) with you. Thanks for excellent blog which gives me a different view to many issues because I am currently preparing with the IPexpert workbook.


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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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