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NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 21 – Quick Overview


I got through about 80% of scenario 21 today.  That took about 7 hours.  NMC rates the lab as “difficult”, as opposed to “moderate” – the typical difficulty they give their CCIE practice scenarios.  I didn’t think it was as bad as scenario 20, which was rated as “moderate”, so who knows how hard 21 really is.  I can say that 21 threw a lot of “off the beaten path” features, like building an IOS menu – weird stuff.  So in that sense, it was difficult, yes.

I spent a lot of time on the IGPs.  OSPF and RIP had some unusual challenges.  The redistribution had several complicated requirements.  I got through all of those things pretty well, and in a reasonable amount of time.  I tackled the BGP next, and did okay up to the weird stuff.  By “weird stuff”, I mean that this scenario purposely uses a number of new-ish BGP features, just to expose the candidate to them.  I did as much of the BGP as I could on my own, meaning multiple AS’s with confederations and route-reflectors, plus setting up an AS for dual-AS migration.  But for the rest of the odd little BGP tasks, I just walked each task through with the answer key

I will finish this scenario up tomorrow.  I have IPv6, QoS and multicast to go.  After studying the new BGP features and working hard to get the multipath BGP working, I just ran out of mental gas today.  I took a couple of 15 to 30 minute breaks throughout the day (including strapping on my snowshoes for the first time this season), but that wasn’t enough to stem the tide that was turning against me.  So I called it off for today.  I can spend about 3 hours on it tomorrow and finish it up.

And…for no particular reason…here’s a shot of me snowblowing a couple of nights ago.  You’d think New Hampshire was Alaska the way the snow has been so far this year.  :)

CCIE candidates have to snowblow, too!

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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