Mock Lab Scheduled For 12/15/2007

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I will be taking an CCIE mock lab tomorrow. I’ll write up my experience with the IE mock lab product when I’m done. I’ve talked to a couple people who’ve done IE mocks, and they generally had positive things to say. I’ve got the rack from 3am PST until 2 or 2:30pm PST. That translates into a 6am start time for me here on the east coast.

I’m kind of excited to get a peek into how well I’m doing. I haven’t done much CCIE prep over the last couple of weeks, trying to unwind a bit and mentally relax. I have read back through my notes on the first 7 scenarios I did, just a refresher, but that’s not exactly hardcore studying. I’d meant to get through my notes on all 19 NMC scenarios I’ve done, but I’ve been ambition-challenged here lately. The holidays always sap my strength – not sure why that is.

As for tonight, I’ll be singing in a Christmas concert with my church choir. ‘Tis the season…

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  1. cciepursuit2

    Good luck tomorrow. I look forward to your review. I went ahead and bought a mock lab as well. For $99, I couldn’t pass it up. I scheduled it for the end of January. I doubt that I’ll be ready, but it should be a nice indication of where I am in my studies.

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