Mind Mapping?


Some CCIE candidates use mindmaps as study aids. What about you? Are you a mindmapper? What is your mindmapping tool of choice? For the written exam, I used the freeware TreePad Lite to categorize frequently-used bits of information, but that’s as close as I came to a “mindmap”.

I have not used any kind of mindmapping tool for lab exam preparation – not even TreePad. I can’t decide if the time it would take to get comfortable with a new tool would be worth it. So what do you say mindmappers? Should I join the mindmapping fray?

Click here for “The Mindmapping Toolbox” on Bootstrapper’s blog.


  • During whole period of my studying of Cisco I use some kinds of notes.

    During my CCNA and CCNP preparation I use txt notes :). If I want to find some keyword I use Search tool of FAR or notepad.

    Later, when I started my CCIE preparation I read about TreePad and use TreePad now. This is very great application and really helps me in my studying process.

    There is thread on groupstudy, which discuss some type of mindmapers: http://www.groupstudy.com/archives/ccielab/200709/threads.html#00088

  • Hi,
    My mind map tools of choice are MindManager (expensive), FreeMind (free) and Topicscape (has a free version).

    MindManager for presentations to clients, FreeMind for quick and simple maps, and Topicscape for organizing all my information.

    But don’t forget all the web-based mind-mapping tools. The skinny on all these is here:

    The master list of mind mapping &
    information management software

By Ethan Banks

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