NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 20 – On Hold, Broken R6 Console Port


I am going to push NetMasterClass.com scenario 20 out a couple of weeks.  When I was setting up the rack this morning, I found that my console connection to R6 is junk (again).  This is a problem I had very early on with my CCIE practice rack, but I haven’t had the issue for months.  But I was working in that cabinet yesterday, reversing two DCE/DTE cables so that they were facing the right way coming off of FRS.  I must have jostled that sensitive R6 console port cable and hosed up the connection.  So that kills today, and next Saturday I’ve scheduled an InternetworkExpert.com mock lab.  So scenario 20 is just going to have to wait.

To be fair, I could soldier on ahead and work on as much of scenario 20 as I could manage with R6 offline.  However, that would take away from the lab simulation approach I’ve been doing for the last several weeks, where I time myself and treat the scenario like I’m doing an actual lab.  Besides, I’ve been wanting to go back through all of my notes on the previous labs and read up on topics I’ve struggled with.  Plus, I could use a day that’s more relaxed.  The wife and kids are out of the house for a few hours, so this is a good time for me to get some reading done.

I’ll update my lab roadmap from v3.1 to v3.2 to reflect these changes.  FYI, while I’m scheduled for a late April ’08 lab attempt, I’m planning to re-schedule for late March ’08 instead.

By Ethan Banks

Ethan Banks is a podcaster and writer with a BSCS and 20+ years in enterprise IT. He's operated data centers with a special focus on infrastructure — especially networking. He's been a CNE, MCSE, CEH, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, and CCIE R&S #20655. He's the co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC where he creates content for humans in the hot aisle.