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NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – 3550 Interface Macros + Preface Literal ? with Ctrl-V + CPU Threshold SNMP Alerting + file verify auto + parser config cache interface


Last post for NMC scenario 18.

  • There is a “define interface-range” macro function on Cat3550 (and 3560, for that matter) switches, that allows you to create a group of interfaces, then operate on that group by invoking the macro in an interface statement. For example…

    CAT1(config)#define interface-range gigports GigabitEthernet0/1 – 2
    CAT1(config)#interface range macro gigports

  • If you want to include a “?” on an interface description (or other odd place in IOS), preface the ? with a Ctrl-V. This will allow the ? to be included in the interface description without invoking the IOS help system.
  • Check out this article, explaining how to set up CPU rising and falling threshold alarms within IOS. You can use this function to send traps to your network management station when the CPU is going high or falling back below thresholds you set.
  • file verify auto” will, intuitively, cause the router to perform an image verification automatically when a new bin is copied to flash or the IOS is reloaded.
  • Another oddball, “parser config cache interface“reduces the time required for the command-line interpreter to execute commands that manage the running system configuration files.”

I’m planning to spend tomorrow on NMC scenario #19.


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