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Lab Roadmap Scheduling Update


My little experiment this week of doing three 8-hour practice scenarios on three consecutive days went really well. I got a lot of rack time in, and felt good about it. I wasn’t rushed. I was able to study out issues I was having a hard time with. It was good.

I’m going to keep on pushing. I’m planning to keep doing full lab scenarios each spare day that I can. Plus, I’ve scheduled a week of vacation in January to do scenarios, too. The way the schedule looks right now, I’ll have completed all 25 DOiTs by the end of this year. By the end of January 2008, I should have completed the first 10 DOiTs (the ones with the 3560s included) a second time.

If I could start the DOiT scenarios over again, I would have begun with 11 – 25, and then added the 3560s into the mix with scenarios 1 – 10. If you’ve never seen a CCIE practice scenario, going after those first 10 DOiT scenarios with the 3560s is just crazy. There’s too many technology areas, with too many “gotchas” if you’re tackling a CCIE-level scenario for the first time. Starting with scenario 11 would have been kinder and gentler, in my opinion.

If I succeed in getting through those first 10 scenarios again by the end of January 2008, I’m going to schedule both CCIE Assessor labs. I’ll cough up the $400 to do it. That should be my final reality check. I hope to move my lab from 4/29/2008 to as soon as I can in February or March, depending on the CCIE Assessor lab scores. If I get an 80+, I’ll schedule for the soonest available date. If I score below an 80, I’ll have to think about how soon I can make the first attempt, depending on how close (or not close) I am.


  • I’m really interested to see you complete some InternetworkExpert labs and write a little about how they compare with the DOiT labs. I’m on the fence about who to go with. The Netmasterclass forum seems to be moderated really well. Keep up the outstanding blog, and insane rate of prep!

  • Ethan- I work with a guy who just passed the lab. He too took the cisco lab assessor test and recommended to me not to waste my time or money on it. He recommends IE material. The IE mock lab will be more like the real lab. Everything is similiar to the real thing, the layout, the point system, etc…so if you’re familiar with these practice labs, when you sit for the real one, it will be like doing another IE practice lab- just my 2 cents.
    I have also been working through the NMC labs and the IE labs with dynamips. My lab date is in May. I think your blog is great- keep up the good work and I wish you luck on your test. AB

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