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NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 14 – Quick Overview


I plowed through scenario 14 today.  This was a tough lab, lots of little tasks that killed time trying to track down.  It took  every bit of 8 hours.  This lab was the MOST frustrating of all the NMC labs so far because of the ambiguity of the wording in several of the tasks.  I found on the NMC support forum that others had similar problems.  I discovered while reading that if there’s a task in an NMC scenario, and you think leaving things as default will meet the requirements, then you’re probably wrong.  If there’s a task there, that means NMC wants you to do something specific.  Even if the default behavior seems to meet the task requirement, you’re most likely missing something.

More tomorrow.  I’d like to blog more now, but I’m taking the family out tonight.  I have to go make myself look human before we take off.  8 straight hours of rack time, and I don’t look human, I can promise you that.  Well, maybe I look human…but I don’t feel it.  Man, this lab was a kick in the head.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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