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More CCIE Lab Prep Strategy Changes


My new study schedule is still a work in progress. I’ve made a couple of changes that I think are necessary.

  1. I’ve chosen a lab date, at least mentally. February 1, 2008, or as close as I can schedule to that date in RTP, NC, is the target. I need a set date to make all of this more tangible. Having a hard date is a motivator. This date is sooner than I was originally planning, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve just got to get through this thing. The harder I push, the sooner I will get through.
  2. The family gets six days a week. I get one. Sunday through Friday, my family gets all the time that they need from me. If there’s time left in one of those days that I don’t need to be Daddy or husband, great – I’ll sneak in an hour of study. But Saturdays are mine. On Saturday, I’m doing a total disconnect from everything and everyone until I get through a scenario 100%. That means getting a good night’s sleep on Friday night, getting up at a reasonable hour Saturday morning, cracking the scenario open, and timing myself. 8 hours, plus a lunch break, so I can get in the habit of working against the clock. Make Saturday boot camp for the actual lab.

I’ve put myself in a different area of the house that’s walled off from the world. It’s a room unto itself. Heh – maybe I’ll put a sign on the door that says “Welcome to Cisco Systems RTP Campus!” (Maybe not.) I am totally isolated in here. There’s a rack of gear behind me that powers my web sites, thrumming away with all the fans. I have a decent workspace, an okay monitor, and an okay PC. 4 walls around me and a door, with little reason for anyone to come in here. No phone.

So off I go on scenario 10.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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