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NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 6 Day 2 – I Have No Sense Of Direction


So this was an interesting day. I went to an F5 Networks seminar down in the Boston area on using F5 gear to front-end Microsoft Exchange 2007 and SharePoint 2007 so that performance is good over the WAN. The event was kind of sale-sy (you know how those things can be), but it was still good. MS did a presentation on their 2 products, F5 talked about their WanJet and WebAccelerator module for the LTM, Dell talked about their crack team of Exchange Rangers, and a guy from Gartner talked about how the network now delivers applications and not packets. Anyway…the event wasn’t as interesting as my ride home.

I’m coming north on I-95, and I have to head north on I-93 to get back to the office. I’m zipping along at mildly extralegal speeds, and finally see the signs to get to I-93. After zipping over to a more right lane, I cut off a BMW 740iL (sorry, whoever you were) to make the ramp. And I now I’m eating Big Scary Truck bumper on the ramp, so I nail the brakes, no worries. All good. And I merge onto I-93. Sweet! I’m making good time, traffic’s not bad. I’m listening to the radio, humming a happy tune. And then…I see the Prudential building from the Boston skyline off in the distance. Which means…drum roll please…I managed to merge southbound onto the I-93 instead of northbound. DOH! Oh, yippee…well that screws me up, but no big deal, I was only 5 miles the wrong way or so. I peeled off the next exit, figuring that I’d just spin around and pick up I-93 northbound. An outstanding strategy, only there was no merge ramp for I-93 in that location. Oh, super. So now I’m in an unfamiliar part of the northern Boston area suburbs, and I don’t know how to get back on the interstate. So, what can I do? I head down the road and hope that the good folks governing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts saw fit to grace the road with signs to guide me back to the artery. Yeah. No luck with that. Apparently, Mass taxes aren’t high enough to do a whole lot about signage.

So, I fired up Google Maps on my Blackberry. And that at least got me pointed in the right direction. Next thing you know, I’m stuck on Main Street of downtown wherever with a parked Verizon truck taking up so much of one traffic lane that you can only get one side through at a time. I made it past that blockade, and was heading down an unfamiliar street, but at least back towards the interstate. And now I notice that the water I drank at lunch is ready to be exported. Oh, super yet again. Nothing like a full bladder when you’re in a busy traffic area with no clue how to get where you’re going. So I keep buzzing down this street, and zip through an intersection where I see a sign for the interstate. So, I pull into a neighborhood, make a u-turn, and then zip up that intersection and follow the happy signs to the interstate. I gun the motor around the traffic circle, and finally merge onto I-93, northbound this time, thank you very much.

But man, I really have to go…and then the low fuel light comes on, just at that moment. Great. So now I’m going to have to stop again, no way around it. Which I did, blissfully finding a gas station just 2 exits away with easy on/easy off the interstate, AND a restroom. Kind of funny that the gas pump LCD was encouraging me to try a 32 oz. soda for only 69 cents, just inside!! (No, can’t say that I’m interested, thanks for the offer, though…)

NOT THAT YOU CARED ABOUT ANY OF THAT. So…what CCIE work did I do today? Well, I puttered along setting up EIGRP, performing IPv4 route redistribution, and designing the BGP network. Which, frankly, wasn’t a whole lot of effort. The EIGRP needed some neighbor statements. The route redistribution was not a big deal, at least not so far, in that there are not multiple redistribution points. The BGP design seems straightforward enough, with a route-reflector, setting local pref, and tagging. So I guess what I’m saying is that I didn’t get as much as I should have on the CCIE rack tonight, had I been more focused instead of reviewing children’s schoolwork, running dinner over to a friend who is recovering from surgery, making sure our new kitten got the ear-mite treatment in her little ears, and writing my silly travel escapades. So there you have it. A day in the life.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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