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More Lab Tomorrow


Not going to get to any lab done tonight. Did some school shopping for my youngest, had lots of personal e-mail backed up that needed to be responded to. Someone in Vietnam who wanted some help with an F5 Networks installation. Someone else wanting me to review some radio station automation software he wants to use for Internet broadcasting. Plus, I’m on the board of a small classical music station here in New Hampshire, USA that’s going through some interesting times. Plus one of our data centers is doing a big cut next week at my “real job”, which has kind of eaten up my week, even though I’m THANKFULLY not project lead for the cut. Even so, I’ve been working a little OT to keep up with the production schedule. So this week, I’m just all done-in. A little TV tonight, and some extra sleep in the morning.

I did get my memory installed in my 3745s, so now all 4 3745s are up to 256MB of RAM, meaning I can run a 12.4 advanced enterprise IOS release…which I should be able to load up Monday-ish. And I did print up NMC scenario 2 and have begun to look it over. So the day wasn’t a complete CCIE lab-prep-waste. :-)

Tomorrow, I am hoping against hope to finish scenario 1 and get going on scenario 2. I should be able to knock out what’s left of scenario 1 in about 2 hours. I sorted through the custom queueing last night, and that code was worked out while my Internet was out and I had no power to my workstation. So now it’s just odds and ends in the “Catalyst Specialties” section, which all look solvable with VMPS and private VLANs. VMPS I don’t know much about at all, and will have to read up. Private VLANs I know very well, as I’m involved in a project to migrate an Enterasys layer 2 privacy solution (that doesn’t work), to a Cisco-based private VLAN solution (that does work). I don’t remember all my private VLAN syntax, though – so I’ll have to review that.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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