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IPv6 Missing From Most of My Lab Routers

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I’ve run into Yet Another Problem with my lab rack, as only 2 devices in the rack support IPv6 at the moment. Oops. So now I have to go back with the IOS Planner tool, and figure out which images include IPv6. Would someone at Cisco please, PLEASE narrow down the image families a bit? I know, I know…modular IOS is coming to save us all. :-)

Well…off to figure out which IOS has what I’m looking for. I’ll update this post in a bit when I’ve figured out what images will do the trick.

—– U P D A T E #1—–

The image I need should support RIP & OSPF for IPv6, as well as CBAC according to the CCIE R&S Lab Blueprint. It’s my 3745s that don’t have IPv6 right now. But I found an image that has CBAC plus RIPng and OSPFv3 and still fits into 128MB of RAM. That’s an advanced enterprise services 12.3(14)T7 release, according to Software Advisor. The rack is only console-connected right now, so I can’t do the upgrade tonight. But in the morning, I’ll load the new image on and see where we’re at.

In the meantime, I’ll go back to working on the rest of the scenario, which I think I can do with the images as they are.

—– U P D A T E #2 —–

The 128MB 3745s didn’t deal well with the 12.3(14)T7 advanced enterprise image. I tried it on one of them. The router loaded the image and booted successfully, but by the time OSPF and BGP kicked off, the router was practically out of DRAM…only about 600K left for the processor. So the 3745 was on its knees, and doing weird things, a traceback message, some ICMP traffic not working, etc.

I scrounged an older version of the same family and feature set – that worked better, no weird behavior. So, I think I’ve got what I need on all the 3745s as-is. Even so, I ordered 4 128MB SODIMMs for my 2 3745s with only 128MB. I can get them up to 256MB that way, and run a 12.4 family IOS image. That’s really where I want to be. But for the moment, I can at least keep working on NMC scenarios while I wait for the memory to come in.

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