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What Did I Think of the TESTiT CCIE R&S Written Prep Product?


A few people have e-mailed me regarding what I thought about the (NMC) TESTiT product, which is NMC’s online written test preparation tool. Here are my thoughts on TESTiT:

I feel that TESTiT has a ways to go before matching the level of question complexity the Cisco CCIE 350-001 version 3 written test has. That said, TESTiT is a good test preparation tool in that there’s a lot of relevant material covered, with well-defined answers, plus links if you need to read more on a technical topic you’re struggling with. It’s worth noting that NMC has been adding new questions to the database to better prepare candidates for the version 3 exam. From what I can tell, Anthony Sequeira (a CCIE author, google him), has been doing most of the maintenance on the TESTiT database; he’s also active on the Cisco NetPro forums under the user ID “compsolv”.

I can say that the new questions NMC/Anthony was adding before I took the test were directly related to the actual 350-001 v3 test. If NMC is still adding questions, that means things have only gotten better (I haven’t checked TESTiT since I took the exam.) Also, the NMC forum site offers good support. I asked a few questions there to clarify some issues, and generally got a response from an NMC CCIE (I think Anthony in every case) within a few hours or less.

Maybe a better question is whether or not NMC’s TESTiT written prep product is worth $99. In my opinion, yes it is. Can you pass 350-001 v3 if it’s all you use to prepare? No. But if you do a lot of studying beforehand, TESTiT is a really great review tool to hammer home concepts, reveal weak areas, and drill those esoteric details that tend to fleet away.

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