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Rack Cabling Complete


I managed to complete the cabling for the rack today, again to specifications for the DOiT v2 practice labs.  This means that all the ethernet is hooked up and lit, all the V.35 DTE/DCE cable pairs are hooked up (although I haven’t tested any of them yet), and all the terminal server cabling to the console ports is complete.  All the devices are powered.

One of my routers had a mangled console port, I found out today.  I could see text output from the console port, but my input seemed to be ignored.  I checked the console port with a flashlight (the rack is kinda dark), and discovered that some ape must have ripped a console cable out of the port earlier in the router’s life.  The little metal surround was all twisted, and pin 1 was bent, crossing over with pin 2 and maybe 3.  So I broke out the Leatherman and did a little console port surgery.  All better now – console back and working properly.

All that’s missing is lighting up the ethernet port on the terminal server to our prod network, so that I can SSH to the term serv over the VPN from home.  That way, I can do the practice labs from here.  And if I haven’t mentioned before, my employer is the best for letting me do this.  I know most people are not so lucky.  Of course, if/when I land my CCIE, that’s only going to be better for the network.  So it’s working out good for everyone, when it gets right down to it.

Next week, I’ll post some pictures of the rack, for what it’s worth.  Equipment is equipment – so it’s not that exciting I guess.  But still, I know some folks will be interested, as I’ve already gotten a query about it.  There are others in my company who are working on CCNP and at least one more working on CCIE.  So the rack will be used not just for me, but also for others as time marches on.

I plan to purchase the NMC DOiT v2 package tomorrow and start reading up.  I’ll talk about the NMC product in more detail when I’ve had a chance to orient myself better.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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