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Rack Prep Continues


I spent a couple of hours after work last night working on my CCIE rack.  I got all of the V.35 cables connected.  I got a bunch of the short switch-to-switch interlinks connected, since I have a bunch of 1-footer pre-made cables ready.  I got the terminal server racked.  I wiped configs off of all the switches and routers, gave them hostnames, noted the flash, RAM, and currently installed IOS.

Still to go:  configure terminal server, and run console cables.  Run remaining ethernet cables, which is probably going to take a while.  I think I’ll have to make a bunch of them custom-length.  In our data center, everything has to be very neat and tidy.  Since my employer is gracious enough to let me use rack space to do CCIE prep, I’m going to make it as pretty as I can.  :-)

I may stay late tomorrow night to finish off the rack prep.  I’d like to start on practice lab 1 on Monday, and I don’t really want to go into work on Saturday to finish off the rack.  We’ll see.  If I have to go in on Saturday, I guess I will.  I’m on call anyway, so that’s not such a bad thing.  Besides, the data center is air-conditioned!  Up here in New Hampshire, most houses don’t have central A/C, as it’s only hazy, hot and humid for maybe 2 or 3 weeks out of the year.  Hard to justify the cost of central A/C – but on weeks like this, I do give it some thought.

Anyway…I am making progress!


  • Terminal servers are something I never fully understood. What devices can be terminal servers and what type of config (in general terms) do they require in order to be so?

    I’d also like to hear sometime why you are driven to emigrate to New Zealand with your family.

  • I am using a device that is custom built to be a terminal server. It’s got ethernet, SSH and 16 serial DB9 ports. So you configure the ethernet with an IP, and hook it to the network. SSH to the thing, then jump off to a device hanging on one of the 16 serial ports, in this case a Cisco router or switch.

    You can make a Cisco router be a terminal server if you have the right modules and cabling. This document talks about it:

  • New Zealand is a dream of a simpler, slower life, more focused on people and less focused on things. America is…well…it is what it is, both good and bad. I happen to think that there are other options in the world now, and I hope someday to explore some of them.

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