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NetMasterClass – DoIT Workbook Vol.2


I will be purchasing the NetMasterClass DoIT Workbook volume 2 to prep for the CCIE lab.  I need to get paid first…but in about a week, I’ll be set to make this purchase.  In the meantime, I have to get my CCIE rack prepped.  I have all of the equipment mounted at work.  But I still need to hook up a terminal server, complete cabling according to NetMasterClass specifications, wipe configs off of all the gear, and then load up an appropriate IOS everywhere.  So that will be this week’s goal:  get the lab ready to roll.

Probably on payday (Tuesday, last day of the month) I’ll make the actual DoIT purchase.  NMC publishes online – you don’t get a big book in the mail.  So I should have fairly immediate access, hopefully ready for me to start downloading and printing labs when I’ve got the CCIE rack operational.

NMC also offers a product called CHECKiT, which is their dry-run product.  If you think you can hack the real lab, you try a CHECKiT first, for a reality check.  I think I’ll wait to being closer to scheduling the real lab before I purchase a CHECKiT.  You can get some discounts if you bundle the DOiT and CHECKiT, but I don’t want to put out that much cash right now.

My rough lab roadmap is to get through the DOiT labs, and see how I think I’m doing.  If I’m feeling like I might be man enough for the big trip to RTP, NC, USA, I’ll go ahead and buy a CHECKiT first.  If I do good on that, I’ll schedule the real lab.  If I don’t do so good on the CHECKiT, then I’ll work on my weaknesses, and buy another CHECKiT.  If that second one goes well (which it BETTER), then I’ll schedule the real lab, continuing to brush up on my weak areas during the lead time.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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