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Networkers – Day 3


Pretty much classes all day.  The keynote was a pointless discussion with various folks speaking in broad generalities about how the fact that we can all afford video cameras makes searching for content difficult.  I think the most technical term I heard in the whole thing was “relevancy engine”.  So I could have passed on it.

Classes have been server load balancing using the ACE engine – awesome class.  Since I’m an F5 Networks guy who spends almost every day of his life frustrated by F5 Networks, it was nice to see a product from Cisco with what appears to be feature parity with the F5 LTM product.  Good news for when we get to unload the network full of F5 gear we have now.

Another class on IOS instrumentation, basically all the embedded event managers and scripts that you can write to make an IOS device smart about itself.  You don’t have to rely on an NMS to be smart about syslog events and SNMP traps.  Now the IOS box can also process events and make decisions.  Powerful, if but a little scary.  I felt the presentation fell short in differentiating IOS instrumentation from what we do today – lots of overlap, so while I was impressed with it, I didn’t walk away with any bells going off in my head saying “Yep – that’s just what I’ve been looking for!”

Final class coming up on troubleshooting WAAS…should be good.

I spent about 20 minutes talking to IPExpert today about their lab approach, and another 20 talking to NetMasterClass regarding CCIE lab prep materials.  I’m still heading down the NetMasterClass road, I think.

Final note:  to the 2 knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who couldn’t seem to shut up during most of the last class I was in – grow up.  Please.  The big boys came to Networkers to learn something.  Not listen to you rob the air around you of precious oxygen.  No one here is impressed with the fact that you can talk rudely over a presenter.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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