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Networkers – Day 2, Morning


This morning’s keynote was by John Chambers.  To sum up about an hour of dancing skaters with hula-hoops, etc. (yes, really), the keynote focused on Web2.0 and collaborative technologies.  Essentially, learn to collaborate, or your company will be left behind.  And of course, Cisco will have products end-to-end to help the network deliver those collaborative services.  There was more to it, but that was the crux.  Oh, and then the UCLA marching band leading the way from the keynote hall to the grand opening of the exhibitor hall.

Next up for me was a class on multilayer campus environments, sort of a review of everything I’ve been studying over the last several weeks.  I’m happy to say that I still learned some things I wasn’t aware of, including some tweakable timers for HSRP.

They served a killer lunch here, on the house, part of the show.  Chicken parm, caesar salad, several kinds of bread, vegetarian lasagna, etc.  Nothing low-carb, but tasty and well-executed.  I was surprised by the quality – it was really good!

And now I’m off to a session on IOS SLA configuration, followed by an advanced SAN class

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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