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Managing Digital Racket
The more I tune out, the less I miss it. But that has presented me with some complex choices for a nuanced approach to curb

Networkers – Day 1, In Anaheim

106 Words. Plan about 0 minute(s) to read this.

I’m at Networkers now, pretty much completely disoriented, as I’ve never done this show before. But it’s slowly making sense how it’s all organized. There’s so many different technical sessions going on at any given time, that they are spread out not only in this conference center, but also into the adjacent hotels. I still haven’t figured out where the certification exam room is, which is pretty much all my brain wants to think about.

It’s like doing research before a battle. Getting the lay of the land. Knowing what’s ahead. Ugh. It will be nice when it’s about 4pm PST, and I know my score.

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