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OECG – Wrap Up


I am officially done posting blog articles about the Official Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition, for CCIE Routing & Switching. It took me 6+ months to plow through it. Remember that I have a job and family. I could have been more dedicated, and got through the material in perhaps 18 weeks…if I’d pushed harder. But since I didn’t plan to take the test until Networkers, I lacked the motivation to push that hard. Time will tell if that was wise or not, considering the new 350-001 v3 test is out of beta now.

As far as technical content, there are no major topics in the book that I left out. I covered it all. However, not owning the book causes you to miss out on a lot of excellent tables, diagrams and detail that for sake of time, sanity and copyright, I did not cover. I followed the book outline fairly closely, however.

Keep in mind that my blog posts are not same as the book. They are my interpretation of the book, for better or worse. While I hope that my posts provide some useful material for someone, they were really a way for me to force myself to digest the material – to understand it. There’s a good chance you’ll read something that I got wrong, or maybe not quite right. A concept I thought I got, but I really missed. It happens. What I guess I’m saying is – don’t be a cheapskate. Buy the book. If you think my “Cliff notes” version of the OECG blogged here is worthy study material – it isn’t, not really. Not bad, but not enough, either.

I highly doubt you could pass 350-001 studying my blog entries alone. Maybe…but I wouldn’t count on that.

Good luck. I’ll continue to post entries as I review material. I’m off to now for a session of TESTiT.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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