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OECG – Chapter 23


Cisco SWAN – Structured Wireless-Aware Network – integrating wired and wireless LANs using Cisco products.

Cisco WDS – Wireless Domain Services – IOS software features that enchance and simplify wireless LAN user mobility, security, deployment and management.

client tracking – recording client assocation and roaming events so that the WLSE can monitor.

fast secure roaming – secure roaming between APs in the same or different L3 subnets, handoff times <= 50ms.

IP PBX – used with an IP phone, this provides a connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

public wireless LAN – a wireless LAN that offers connections to anyone within range, generally in frequented public places.

radio management aggregation – eliminates redundant management information, thereby reducing the required bandwidth for radio management information.

wireless LAN controller – controls access to the Internet in a public wireless LAN.

Wireless LAN Threat Defense Solution – IDS for a wireless network.

WLSE – Cisco Wireless LAN Solution Engine – the network management software component of the comprehensive Cisco SWAN architecture.

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