Ethan Banks On productivity.

June 2007 Time Log


06/02/2007 – 2.5 hours. Take another written sample test from NetMasterClass. Scored 86%.

06/04/2007 – 2.5 hours. Write about 2/3rds of Chapter 21 posts.

06/05/2007 – 2.5 hours. Write the last third of Chapter 21 posts.

06/06/2007 – 1.0 hours. Write Chapter 21 definitions.

06/09/2007 – 3.0 hours. Take another written sample test. Scored 87%. Took a lot of time studying questions I was unsure of, or needed to know “why” the answer was right or wrong. I’m definitely getting better at these. I need to learn BGP attributes still, although I know certain ones better now. I reviewed OSPF LSAs and area types today, mostly so that I could get straight the differences between stub, NSSA, and the “totally” version of stub and NSSA. Fear not…I will get back to the book. 2 chapters on wireless, a generic catch-all chapter, and the appendix on MPLS are still on my radar.

06/11/2007 – 2.0 hours. Chapter 22 write-up begins.

06/14/2007 – 2.0 hours. Chapter 22 write-up continues.

06/15/2007 – 1.0 hours. Chapter 22 write-up complete.

06/16/2007 – 8.0 hours. Chapters 23 & 24 write-up complete. Rack all equipment that will be used for the CCIE lab prep – haven’t done anything with it yet, but it’s all racked. I still have to wipe all the equipment and cable it.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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