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March 2007 – Time Log


03/05/2007 – 1.25 hours. Chapter 9 EIGRP write-up starts.

03/10/2007 – 2.5 hours. Chapter 9 EIGRP write-up completes.

03/12/2007 – 1.0 hour. Reading chapter 10 OSPF, started it anyway. Read the first major section, about how LSA’s are managed, including a painful section on what happens if you were to totally misconfigure your frame-relay network into a hodge-podge of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. Ugh. I’ll have to read that again, but not tonight.

03/13/2007 – 1.5 hours. Finished chapter 10, OSPF. Write up begins tomorrow.

03/14/2007 – 0.0 hours. Should have been doing write-up, didn’t happen. Core outage at work at an extra 2 hours of my day.

03/15/2007 – 1.5 hours. Begin OSPF write-up.

03/16/2007 – 1.5 hours. Continue OSPF write-up.

03/17/2007 – 5.5 hours. Review material on, complete OSPF write-up. And now I’m going to snow-blow the driveway and shovel the walk. Hooray!

03/19/2007 – 1.0 hours. Read + write-up (doing them at the same time now) of OECG Chapter 11 started.

03/20/2007 – 0.0 hours. Okay, I admit it. I got my new computer, and I spent most of the night working on software installs, migrating e-mail, shopping for a big hard drive, etc.

03/21/2007 – 1.5 hours. More readin’ and writin’ on Chapter 11.

03/22/2007 – 1.0 hours. More readin’ and writin’ on Chapter 11.

03/23/2007 – 0.0 hours. Friday night – it just didn’t happen.

03/24/2007 – 2.5 hours. Complete write up of Chapter 11.

03/26/2007 – 1.0 hours. Begin write-up of Chapter 12.

03/27/2007 – 2.0 hours. Continue write-up of Chapter 12.

03/28 03/29 – 0.0 hours. Horrible work schedule, couldn’t deal with studying when I got home.

03/30/2007 – 2.0 hours. Continue write-up of Chapter 12. Lasted to confederations and route-reflectors. I actually understand confederations, but I’m out of energy to do the write-up right now. I didn’t read on route-reflectors yet.

03/31/2007 – 2.0 hours. Finished write-up of Chapter 12 on BGP fundamentals. My head hurts. A lot of stuff I knew, a lot of DETAIL that I did not. Plus confederations and route reflectors were totally new concepts. I’ll need to review this all again before taking the exam – there was just a ton of information.

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