OECG – Chapter 11


The final entry of the week for chapter 11…the “definitions” at the end.

default route – the gateway of last resort, The route used when no other route matches in the routing table

route redistribution – injecting routes from one routing protocol into another

external route – a route learned from outside a routing protocol via redistribution

aggregate route – a summary route

route map – a means whereby forwarding decisions can be made through if-then-else logic via a set of criteria instead of merely destination. Also various aspects of a route can be modified such as next-hop, metric and tag

IP prefix list – a list of IP prefixes that can be used to match networks that will be redistributed or filtered

summary route – a route that in a single advertisement covers multiple smaller routes that would have been advertised otherwise

component route – in the context of the book, a route that makes up a part of a summary route

gateway of last resort – the term used by a router to describe the default route

By Ethan Banks

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