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February 2007 – Time Log


02/12/2007 – 1.0 hours. Chapter 7 write-up start.

02/13/2007 – 1.5 hours. Chapter 7 write-up complete.

02/20/2007 – 1.5 hours. Chapter 8 write-up.

02/21/2007 – 1.0 hours. More chapter 8 write up.

02/26/2007 – 1.5 hours. Complete chapter 8 write-up. And tomorrow, start work on Chapter 9 EIGRP write up. If I haven’t forgotten everything I knew about the topic, that is. :-)

Okay, so this month was almost a complete throw-away. Just pathetic. But I spent a lot of the time feeling sick and miserable, and/or being at work for long hours or the wee hours of the morning. This is the first day I’ve felt “with it” in a long while.

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Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.

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