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Interesting Lab Strategy Based on Material


While I’m focusing on theory right now so that I can get through the written exam, I’m also thinking about the coming lab. I’m looking forward to the lab prep work, because I love hacking on routers. It’s what I do for a living, and it will be nice to get to the application of all this theory I’m studying.

Anyway. One of the dilemmas I’m facing is just HOW to prep for the lab. The consensus is that Cisco themselves don’t offer any workbook that’s difficult, comprehensive or current enough. That sends me down the road of third party material. I keep running into 2 different vendors that get recommended: and Both sites offer lots of testimonials from successful CCIE’s who used their material while preparing for The Big Lab.

One of the testimonials rang “true” with me, because it’s sort of like the strategy I’ve been formulating in my mind. Only I had a scant mental outline, this successful CCIE fleshes it out with his “10 Commandments” that he recommends based on his experience with the Internetwork Expert material:

Here are my 10 CCIE R&S commandments for those taking the same path…..
1. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand, view all 80 hours and take extensive notes
2. Read through entire DOCCD relevant to R&S, and take extensive notes
3. Internetwork Expert Workbook – 30 Labs – go over anything you got wrong or did not understand
4. Internetwork Expert Core Lab Workbook (this was really good…. get it)
5. Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies (just read through)
6. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand – second viewing, and take extensive notes (you will be surprised what you missed)
7. 2x Internetwork Expert Mock Labs 1 month before your Lab date (if you get 80% or over on both, you are ready)
8 Cisco’s online Evaluation Lab (this is also good for feedback)
9. Take the real thing
10. If you fail, never give up, because… if it was easy, it would be worthless……

Andrew Radford
CCIE # 16499

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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