My Daily Schedule


My weekday schedule is roughly as follows:

4:40am – Get up.

5:10am – On the way to work.

6:00am – The work day begins.

3:00pm – Head home.

3:50pm – Get home, check e-mail, start studying.

6:00pm – Eat dinner.

6:30pm – Finish up studying.

8:00pm – Try to do a little something that isn’t technical.

9:00pm – Go to bed.

That schedule is a target. On a perfect day, things will go just like that. Unfortunately, I tend to work overtime (I never leave work with an unsolved problem, especially if the problem is impacting our customers), and/or some other normal life event sidetracks me. Since I began studying 2 weeks ago, I’ve stopped watching TV almost completely. I watch maybe an hour or 2 Friday or Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon. That’s about it.

On the weekends, things are more fluid. I am homeowner with a wife and 2 small children, so my weekends tend to be dominated by domestic concerns. While I will study on Saturdays, I still have to take care of the house. Sundays are my only CCIE “day off”. I attend church with my family, and I watch TV or nap or play with the kids as the mood strikes me.

By Ethan Banks

Ethan Banks is a podcaster and writer with a BSCS and 20+ years in enterprise IT. He's operated data centers with a special focus on infrastructure — especially networking. He's been a CNE, MCSE, CEH, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, and CCIE R&S #20655. He's the co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC where he creates content for humans in the hot aisle.