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Beat, Again


I got through the first part of chapter 4 tonight. I killed pretty much the whole day working on cars and finances. Ick. I did some errands in the morning, went to the bank. Trying to get my taxes organized. Shredding all the credit card offers, and all that. Owed both cars oil changes, FINALLY got that done. Noticed the wife’s car really needs tires, so one more thing to take care of…especially with winter being sort of here. (Been a mild winter this season here in NH.)

But now that I finished all of that, I started in on reading the OECG. I survived 1.25 hours and covered about 20 pages. You might think I’m a slow reader, but I ponder each and every sentence until I grasp what he’s talking about. So, that can take a bit. For me, I find that I can read a paragraph and not be focused. That means I read something, but it didn’t sink in. In technical topics where even a single word carries significant weight to the context of the conversation, it ALL has to sink in.

My brain doesn’t want anymore today. Even though most of what I read today was a review of how to subnet, I’m not as good as I should be at identifying what IP is in which subnet, how big a subnet is, that sort of thing. I can do it in my head, but I have to ponder it. Well, the author gets into lengthy explanations of what are supposed to be SHORTCUTS to solving these sorts of problems. LOL. It takes 3 readthroughs to figure out how exactly his method is supposed to shorten anything. Ah, well. I have some of my own ways of doing things in the subnetting arena that have served me well, and not to take away from the author, as I did learn some different ways of thinking about things that should make my binary-to-decimal gymnastics speedy.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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