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Tracking my Time


This category is a summary of the time I have put into CCIE R&S track preparation. Many CCIE’s talk about how they studied 8 hours a day for an entire year, or they put 300 hours into practice labs, etc.  That may be; I may end up having to put the same kind of time into this before it’s all over. And, really, that’s the point of this category.  I want a record of every hour spent.

One caveat to this approach is that I’m not going to track any time spent at work on this, because I’m a network engineer by trade. I’m one of the Cisco heavy-hitters at my job, and Cisco issues take up a lot of my time. Therefore, much of what I know from work will end up applying directly to my CCIE knowledge base.

For instance, I’ve spent a number of hours on the phone this week with a fellow engineer troubleshooting layer 2 and 3 redundancy issues and testing private VLAN’s. I’ve been working with a customer on a BGP failover design. I’ve been researching how to add “switchport vlan allow” statements to trunks in a production environment and minimize the network impact when I do it. And that’s just very recently…if I went back through my work blog for the last couple of months, there’s lots of similar topics that will also help me pass the CCIE exams. In addition, until just a few months ago I was both a CCNP and CCSP.

The point I’m making is that I’m not exactly starting from zero.  Therefore, my logged hours may not match up with how many hours YOU need to study. And hey, as I write this, it’s pretty early in the game. I may never make it to the end (not that I’m planning to fail – I just want to be realistic and not cocky). You may find that what I do to prepare is insufficient for your needs. I may find that what I do is insufficient for MY needs.  Nonetheless, I hope this will be a useful baseline.  I guess that will depend on just how successful I am.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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