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In the future, I’m going to try to blog studies daily, while the information is fresh in my mind. I wasn’t sure I was going to set up the CCIE blog, so it wasn’t ready when I started studying this week. I’ve spent the last couple of hours fiddling with WordPress settings, and figuring how best to manage comments without the spam headache. That’s not to say I’m going to get a lot of comments. I don’t know. Google indexes my tired, ancient, and unchanging pages (pretty much where my resume is plus links to some customers), and I threw the blog links up there. So, Google will spider it at some point. And I’ll seed the blog URL in Google’s index anyway. Once Google finds the blog, I think it’ll rank up there in searches for “CCIE”…I think. We’ll see. I guess that all depends on whether or not anyone cares and links back to me. :-)

I’m committed to the blog, as I find that I retain information better when I write stuff down afterwards. So, this should see new content with some frequency. Like daily, or multiple times a day in some cases. And comments are important, too, as that’s a great way to network on a topic like earning your CCIE.

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