Let’s Connect At Cisco Live US 2014

I am attending Cisco Live US 2014 this year on the “Social Pass”. If you are a World of Solutions vendor and would like to brief me or otherwise discuss Packet Pushers business, I’d be happy to chat. If you’re a fellow networking nerd and want to talk about whatever, I’ll be blogging from the […]

Is The CCIE Certification Losing Value?

I keep running into folks who think the CCIE certification is losing value. The general idea is that the CCIE is where the networking has been, but is not where networking is going. The logic goes that if you want to lead the charge into networking’s future, don’t embark on the CCIE journey. Get into […]

SDN Is The Vehicle, Not The Destination

I recently booked a flight to San Francisco for an IT conference I’m attending. Flying, by itself, is not especially exciting to me. That’s not to say that as a consumer of traveling services, I find nothing about travel or airplanes interesting. For example, I am interested in the cost of a trip. I’m interested […]

FPGAs: A Way Forward For Networking Silicon?

I’ve become somewhat fascinated with the silicon that moves packets around our networks. My knowledge is admittedly shallow on the topic. That said, I believe I can make the following generalizations about the 3 major kinds of networking silicon to be found on the market today. 1. X86. General purpose CPUs are not especially well […]

Thinking Through A Mellanox Dual-Tier Fixed Switch 10G + 40G Fabric Design

When preparing for “The Ethernet Switching Landscape” presentation at Interop, I did quite a bit of reading through vendor marketing literature and documentation. One proposed fabric design by Mellanox stuck in my brain, because I was having a hard time mapping the numbers in their whitepaper to what the reality would look like. Here’s the […]

The Ethernet Switching Landscape – Part 06 – Fabric

This is one of a multi-part series on the Ethernet switching landscape I wrote to support a 2-hour presentation I made at Interop Las Vegas 2014. Part 1 of this written series appeared on NetworkComputing.com. Search for the rest of this series. Ethernet fabric is one of those terms that has been co-opted by media […]