Let’s Connect at VMworld 2014

I’ll be at VMworld in a couple of weeks. If you’re a vendor that would like to chat, please schedule me. I’d be happy to meet. If you’re a fellow IT engineer, I’d be happy to meet up as well. I’ll be hanging with folks from Tech Field Day, as well as Chris Wahl, so […]

“What Might Have Been?” Is The Wrong Question

A friend sent me a picture of an ink stamp from a company we started back in 1999 or so. It was a little consulting & hosting company that delivered for our customers things that we were good at: web hosting, e-mail services with spam protection, and a variety of SMB IT services. A little […]

The Principle of Same-Same in Physical Network Design

In modern network architecture, most designs are redundant, often all the way through. Hosts uplink to two different ToR switches. Those ToR switches usually have two uplinks to a distribution layer or potentially more uplinks in leaf-spine designs. Spine switches uplink to a pair of core switches. Physical firewalls are deployed as clusters. Multiple connections […]

Seek The Peak Fundraiser Wrap-Up & Thank You

Thanks to all of you that helped me raise money for New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory through the annual “Seek The Peak” hike to Mt. Washington’s summit. I completed the hike on Saturday. If you’d like to read about that hike and see a pile o’ pictures, go to my family’s hiking blog. Please follow […]

Guest Post – I Am Interviewed About Interop New York

Folks, this is a first for me on this blog – a guest post. In this case, I was interviewed by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner about my involvement with Interop. Since I’m a big fan of Interop as a vendor-neutral conference designed to bring together all the IT silos, it was an easy interview to do. […]

What is ONIE (Open Network Install Environment)?

On 16-July-2014, I attended a webinar hosted by Curt Brune of Cumulus Networks on ONIE. This post is a distillation of some key points from that webinar. What is the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)? Conceptually, ONIE (pronounced oh-nee) is a network OS installer used by several whitebox switching vendors to load a network operating system […]

Support Science – Donate to My 19-July-2014 Hike Up Mt. Washington!

On Saturday, 19-July-2014, I’ll be hiking up to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Mt. Washington is famous for its terrible weather, extraordinarily high winds on bad days, and arctic-like conditions in winter. Everest hopefuls train on Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington is also home to a number of weather-related scientific endeavors that you […]

Planning A Physical Data Center Rack Cleanup

I’m part of a project that’s going to do some physical rack cleanup. As in, the cables are a mess, labeling isn’t consistent, power distribution isn’t quite what it should be, and it’s gotten to the point where doing maintenance on any of the hardware is tough. So, it’s time to tidy everything up. I’ve […]